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Reach beyond your community by sharing the press release and press kit with local press. Feel free to make edits to include topics of interest locally.


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Below are tweets to you can start sharing to get your community excited about your event.
You may also create your own tweets using the language below
and adding the details for your event or a link to the e-postcard.

What if school actually inspired kids to learn? See the brave schools breaking the mold in #BeyondMeasure Film.

The most powerful lessons don’t appear on a transcript. See real schools break the mold in #BeyondMeasure Film.

Healthier kids & better learning happens beyond the Race to Nowhere. Launch the change our kids need. #BeyondMeasure Film

Today’s kids are increasingly sad, stressed, sleepless. TOWN/SCHOOL does something about it on DATE/TIME  #BeyondMeasure Film

Seeing kids sad, stressed & sleepless? Envision childhood beyond the Race to Nowhere. #BeyondMeasure Film

What would schools look like w/o high-stakes testing? Come see what’s possible in #BeyondMeasure Film.

[TOWN/SCHOOL] is ready to free our kids from the destructive Race to Nowhere. Join the conversation on [DATE/TIME] #BeyondMeasure Film

High-stress schooling is hurting kids. See the inspiring schools breaking free in #BeyondMeasure Film.


Please use our Facilitation Guide for ideas for the post-film conversation. Be sure to print the flyer below as a take away for your audience.



Order books now to make them available to your community the night of your screening.

Years in the making, this book is a huge leap in our work to reclaim education and childhood from the Race to Nowhere.

The paperback version is a big opportunity to propel the change our kids urgently need. Our films inspire communities to act, and our book shows them how!

Host a Community Read along with your screening and we’ll send you our Discussion Guide to help move your group from passion to action.

Purchase books from your local independent book store or online.


We’d love to hear from you following your screening and any follow-up events in your community. Be sure to share feedback and actions – big and small – by emailing our director, Vicki Abeles.

We have resources to continue to engage and inspire your community including our film, “Race to Nowhere”, our book and community discussion guide, Beyond Measure, our forthcoming film “The Gatekeeper” and student surveys.

Please give us a call at (925) 310-4242 or send an email to for more information.